Beauty girl robot plan 2006 1st chapter

Beauty girl robot plan

1, what beauty girl robot?
The beauty girl robot is the robot which uses the beauty girl who appears in the game and animation for design. Why, that when you say, whether 'it calls the beauty girl robot' in industry these the medium where the beauty girl character, that appears conveniently is called beauty girl game beauty girl animation. And one more, there is the beauty girl figure. 'You call that the figure of the beauty girl character is made figure conversion' with the meaning, robot conversion', therefore it calls this the beauty girl robot, but that that robot is made, '. In other words, the fact that to robot it converts the beauty girl character is basic concept of this plan.
As for designating the girl as main, year there is a merit that in the robot it does not age with while it is the very same form. Making use of this, it is the meaning which is seriously considered in making the girl type robot.
'There is also the meaning of opposite to the beauty girl'. Besides the fact that the meaning is included, [busaiku], thing and the violence woman who category of beauty girl such as ripening woman and [babaa] etc are not of not making hateful type, the fact that has been shown actual woman (photograph taken on the spot) design is not made altogether.
As for this business the Takeda saintly arrow does not exist proposed at completely new business, rival enterprise. It is new trend of [akiba] type. Contents of this plan the bed 衍 doing on the basis of the concept of following everything, are something which you write. And every year, it expresses everything of the beauty girl robot which to brain of this Takeda saintly arrow is completely, in order to copy in the space as a composition, it works hard for improving the expression method, many adopts new knowledge and thought even at one and it writes the plan which is made to reflect.
“As for the next of figure conversion robot conversion”, “you hold and there is no pillow and it keeps doing with the catch phrase, [te] life-size sewing involving”. As for the robot the human can design freely. Of course, it can make also the robot which uses the design of the character of the game and animation. The only method of summoning the beauty girl character of the game and animation to the actual world is robot conversion. In the biotechnology of clone technology and cyborg technology etc specification such as appearance and character 100% it is not possible to reappear perfectly. Because in this kind of expression the person who interest does not do it is, it tries doing such explanation.
“Presently, as for the woman type robot which the company, [kokoro] makes of the woman of the raw body there is only design. Here, the woman of the raw body is not and the game and animation is original and design of the unique beauty girl character is used. In addition, the game of recent years and the beauty girl character of animation - we have reached to the level which can be handled sufficiently as a substitute of the woman of the human, it has reached to practical level as a design of the robot. How, if the [se] it makes, you think that latter one is better.”If with it does, you can agree upon?
So, it tries listing the summary of method of enjoying the beauty girl robot.
The beauty girl robot music and fashion is the deep relation. A certain professional skating border “because, [sukebo] music and fashion there being a deep relationship, from is to redouble the pleasure more, the inner part is deep”, you observed at that you said with the television. The world of the beauty girl robot similarly, every one design of the clothes comes out with only original ones, dressing the clothes which are merchandised in the beauty girl robot, here and there and, the lovely kind of voice where it is pleasant, to walk, in around there side cannot hear beautiful singing feature like OP song and [kiyarason] of the beauty girl game by the dubbing artist making existing song sing, the conspirators that that beauty girl character - you can hear with voice of the dubbing artist, the maniac who is different also method of enjoying is possible.
The beauty girl character - actuality and what when it does not change love in bare fact. The beauty girl character - and also living, only in thing, the game and the dream which converse thing freely touches to while it is thinking the beauty girl character which cannot come in contact - with it reaches the point where forever you can be in side.
It opens from concept in two dimensional world, at the same time multi-layerization showing degree of freedom of life-size Ooturu robot conversion reason in the maximum, it can enjoy circumstances and the conduct conversation which are always different unlimited.
About the modification of policy
As introduced with the article of [burogu], from the fact that the people who think case and the beauty girl robot which is existence of the manufacturer which robot conversion assume that it is not desirable, that we want, are very few, 'just desired ones it makes future beauty girl robot plan. It modifies in the policy of making just the ultimate (highest) beauty girl robot which exhausts Best to prejudice'. It is girl [tsu] [te] meaning generally known (generally known), ideal.
In 2005 edition 'somehow many types in any case, it was the policy to robot of converting', but there is no manner, the shank. Making the standard which you appraise harsher, the contraction it does the category of robot conversion. 2005 edition 11th chapter [1: You limit to the character of the robot conversion OK manufacturer and the field artist concerning remodelling the design]. At the NG manufacturer first it is unreasonable. When it is the denial manufacturer which the game manufacturer of [kiyara] which becomes the model of the desired beauty girl robot lists at above “we want the robot of this [kiyara] by any means, however it is,” that persuading, even then when it is useless, to robot there is no other choice but to convert the similar stealthily. Color scheme pattern of the character (color of the hair and the pupil) the database, when we want the beauty girl robot of the kind of type which is similar to [kiyara] of the NG manufacturer even, is the data which is useful. In addition, the other character - drawing in the designer, you receive, 'ordering also the beauty girl robot which is synthesized,' it can make.
Of course ordering those which the user designed to the designer, making also the beauty girl robot of original design of the individual, also it is possible to receive. To be small to the background the beauty girl character which has appeared - with it does not flee and examines robot conversion.
The character which the designer cannot produce in regard to setting of scenario inevitably you think that the character which - cannot be arranged - it exists many. After those beauty girl characters - 'to robot being converted in beauty girl robot plan', you display the form before everyone. Already, as for type of beauty girl robot basically [the beauty girl character - number is decided at number of people of the number of people user of the number of people designer], is not two times three times simply and method of increasing, squaring cube is done, probably will be. Also the difference of type and height and the bust of color is related. Depending, type of beauty girl robot keeps increasing ahead unlimited from this. But, among beginning or just the desired beauty girl character where you can anticipate the demand from the user high, - has no other choice but to convert to robot.
Being the same as the beauty girl figure which adapts basically, of course, being life-size, the real thing it is made entirely faithfully from the nude, as for the form being something which makes the existing figure life-size as for height it is the same as those which are set with profile. Because as for the point which differs from the figure, as for the beauty girl robot itself it is the nude of course it has worn the clothes of the cloth make. With you dress the fact that you say and can make also changing free. Next the hair like the [rika] doll each one the flock it is done.
Because the third pupil is made with the transparent plastic of the color being attached, gloss is different. After the entire body can move sing talk in addition to the eye, and the mouth. In order to open the mouth sufficiently, to do, it is necessary a little to make the mouth in large texture. When those of detail tendency to robot are easiest to convert the form of the eye, it is [kiyara] of depth, unless it corrects in the form which is settled in the inside of the frame in square it becomes impossible to close the eyelid.